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Your Chimney Needs a Liner and Here is Why

A Chimney is vertical in shape to ensure the smooth flow of the gasses to the atmosphere and the space inside the chimney through which the air passes is called the flu.

A Chimney liner can be defined as a lining inside a masonry chimney which could be clay, ceramic or metal channel which is installed inside a chimney to contain the burning products and channeling them to the outside environment.

Importance of a chimney liner
It is important to keep the inside of the chimney lined up as this will prevent the heat from traveling out and getting in contact with other combustibles in the house which could be dangerous.

Protects the masonry from the dangerous aftermath of combustion; if the corrosive gases like carbon monoxide are allowed to pass through the brick and mortar, it will result in the reduction of the time for which the chimney operates.

When the chimney is lined correctly, it ensures that the correct size of flue is provided for optimum efficiency.

Types of chimney liners
Most old homes use this kind of chimney liner because of their ability to perform well and are inexpensive and readily available.

Although the installation of this type of chimney is more expensive as compared to the clay-based the insulation property it has prevents the flue gases from leaking as they are fully consumed by the high temperatures in the chimney.

Metal chimney liners; these are often made of stainless steel or aluminum and are most of the time used to improve and repair already-existing chimneys as they are very safe and long lasting, they are the favorite of the construction world today and come in different sizes and shapes.

Considerations to make before getting a chimney liner

Most people install chimney liners because it will ensure optimal performance of appliances in the house and it is safe to do so.

What you will do to the chimney for the liner to fit well; Sometimes for the professionals to be able to provide a stainless steel liner which is covered in insulation, he may require removing the existing clay flue tiles a fact that you have to be well informed about.

It is important to decide with the aid of the chimney professional which type to install and what will work best in your circumstance and environment as well.

Consider how the chimney liner will affect the ventilation process; a chimney liner which is well sized for the fireplace or a stove should be able to maintain or make better the venting process because a smaller or larger coating will adversely affect the operation.

You need to ensure that you have your chimney installed by a skilled person to enjoy the warranty.

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